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Unlike the Rave and the Wand, however, the Nova 2 has 2 motors that you can control from within the app. Matching the toy and using the app were a familiar regimen for me, however I was interested to see how various it would be controlling a dual-motor toy in the app.

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My partner did say that general, the internal arm felt quite a bit weaker than the external arm, to their disappointment (nora vibe). Typically, my partner chooses extreme internal vibrations, such as those from the Enjoyable Factory Tiger, and they were hoping that the internal vibrations of the We-Vibe Nova 2 would be more like those of the We-Vibe Rave.

My partner likewise mentioned that they preferred how our old bunny vibrator of option, the Svakom Alice, has a flexible external arm that stayed straight in use, compared to how the Nova 2’s arm flexes to conform to the user’s anatomy. With my partner’s particular clitoral anatomy, they felt that the straight arm of the Alice felt better than the bent, curved arm of the Nova 2.

Getting The Nova Wevibe To Work

My partner checked this toy before I did, but after performing my own round of testing, I found that I agreed with them on almost every point they made. Echoing my partner’s very first point of criticism, when the internal and external arms are both set to a standard vibration, I seemed like I didn’t really feel or notice the internal arm.

Like my partner, I’m not generally a patterns type of person, but I also found the patterns were the best part of the Nova 2 for me (the rabbit vibe). While the basic vibration setting left me seeming like the internal arm wasn’t doing much, when I switched through the patterns, that was when I REALLY felt the internal arm.

The sudden, strong, separated vibration of the internal arm on this setting advised me of the sort of targeted stimulation that I get when my partner fingerfucks me, as that intermittent pulse of vibration felt to me like fingers entering and out, in a method. Let me be clear, this isn’t a thrusting vibrator and will not create a sensation in fact meant to look like any sort of thrusting or periodic penetration.

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I really didn’t have to believe about trying to angle it properly so that the external arm remained in contact with my clitoris, or managing my thrusts correctly so that the toy would adhere to my anatomy. The toy did all the work of staying in contact with my genital areas for me, so that I was just responsible for tailoring the vibrations and the pacing of my thrusts to orgasm on my own terms.

As another note, I’ve been having some concerns with pain and tearing throughout penetrative sex/masturbation for the past number of months. This has actually made it so that the toys I’m capable of utilizing without pain and injury is really limited, which as you can picture isn’t a great position to be in as a sex toy reviewer.

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Because some sex toys can be prohibitively large for numerous users for no genuine factor, I’m happy to say that the Nova 2 is extremely manageable and comfortable to use, even from the perspective of somebody currently dealing with issues around penetration. Final Thoughts on the We-Vibe Nova 2: I had high hopes for the We-Vibe Nova 2, and I’m so happy to state I wasn’t at all disappointed by it.

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Disclaimer: I got this item in exchange for a truthful review. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

Nova 2 is the dual-action vibrator that stays with you through all the ins and outs of your time together. The Nova 2 resolves the issue we find with all dual-action vibes: do you thrust or keep those great experiences on your clitoris?

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And the external vibe is bendy so whether you’re rocking or rolling, moving or grooving, it stays with you like the finest buddy you ever had! You’re going to enjoy this since You adjust the fit for your body and it bends with your motions. It has the most comfy handle for a grip that’s fantastic.

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